USPL – Season 2 – Teams

8 Pines Polominos:

Helfeuer Runner

Wazaaaaaaa85 Resident


8 Pines Violet Vixens:

Ariadnediamond Resident

Ariamber Resident

Lovejoyful Resident


Beauty and The Bees:

Adelaideslife Resident

Neceh Zenovka


Emerald Mares:

Rubberjamie Resident

Teleria2015 Resident


Frozen Bananas from Space:

Aoife Lawson

Nico Waxen


House of Knight:

Brandyknight Resident

Nicktrebla Resident

PToes Resident

SharmavonJohnson Resident


Nightmares from Space:

Earving1 Resident

Elspeth Tryce

Hotie Lane

Ralna Payne


The Mother Fuckers:

Jena Longfall

Orion Taurion

Penny Pegasi


The Unknowns:

Martashiny Resident

Opheliainnme Resident


Wild Chicks aka WPG 2

Clairedeladeuxieme Resident

Desania Resident

Murwolf Resident