Test Events 2014 – Information

Hello Everyone!

Since stable games a long time is gone, and I thought always, maybe I should run another series of events.
Telra hosted a mini event, with only 5 runs per pony last week, and it was a successful competition, so I started to think about – how to……..
So, I want to try four test events.
Rules are very simple:
1) The event runs 24 hours
2) Every participant has only a limited number of runs (maybe 5 or 10 or 15)
3) If a pony tries for more times, the result will appear on the board, but only the first runs will count
4) I will update the “official results” for 1 time in my webpage – http://ralnas-ponypage.darkcabaret.org.uk/test-events-2014-result/
5) After 24 hours the official final result will be posted at ponyinfo group, my webpage and the sl-ponyplay-site
6) Ribbons
7) For all events, rules will follow those set for PonyplayCup. See http://slponyplay.com/ponyplaycup.php for details
If the test is successful:
8) It will be every week one 24 hours event
9) The event series will be at EPG or PBL
10) Standings will be posted on my webpage
11) If other stables are interested to host an event too, it will be possible – let’s talk about!