Summer 24-hours Mini Series – Information

Summer 24hr Mini-Series

Since Polo is over and Ralna will be all locked up for two weeks, here is a little something to keep everyone from getting bored. This is open to everyone. Series points for all (Points will depend on number of participants means for example – when there are 20 participants – first will get 20 points, last will get 1 point.), and ribbons for all. This DOES NOT COUNT toward “All Events” or “Private Events”.

There are four 24 hour events at four different stables covering the four primary skills. Events will be midnight to midnight SLT.

Please wear tack when you run, take turns if others are present, no speed-up AOs and have FUN!

Don’t wait til the last minute…

Please note that the number of runs vary from event to event based on run times.

July 24th
Telra’s home next to FFF – The Summer Mini-Series starts off easy with a barrel based off of Chianna’s standard barrel course. It has been made slightly smaller to fit the available space and it’s done running so times will be fast!
Number of runs 30

July 27th
EPG – The shorter platform cart course at EPG is a classic and the base off of which the Sneaky Turns course was made from. This shorter course is a not just a classic, its got its own tricks and twists that make it as challenging today as it was when it was made!
Number of runs: 15

July 31st
LLL – Just a slalom? Noo! The Irregular Slalom may be fast to run, but its far from a simple slalom, going up and down as well as staggered poles, this is not “just another slalom”!
Number of runs: 30

August 3rd
DW – Last but certainly not least the Series Mini-Series ends with with a very special course, Jo’s Toybox steeple. Don’t let the whimsical look fool you, this it’s challenging and fun, you’re going to want to practice this one!
Number of runs: 10