Stable Games 2014 – Review

The Stable Games 2014 are history now – and I want to say some words about the last 20 competitions, and all the things around.

First of all I want to say “Thank you” – to all the people who helped me so much in these last weeks. Thanks to all the Stable-Owners/Trainers/Mistresses/Masters who hosted events for us. Ten Stables gave their OK to be part of the games, I think this is really great.

I cannot name all people who supported me in the last weeks – but three of them…. I have to…!!!

First one is Prici from EPG. She helped me always with her tools and devices, set up boards at the stables, when their own ones weren’t compatible. Thank you very much for your work Prici.

Another person who was always on my side was Telra. Besides hosting events she was always helpful, even when she wasn’t at home she logged in and did her best to save me – plus, she built the ribbons… – thank you dear Telra.

The next person you won’t know – her name is Hoshi Tamura. Hoshi is a very good friend, she is the one who built the cups and ribbons at the Meiji events AND she built all the Cups for the winners of the Stable Games 2014 for free! Thank you very much for your great work Hoshi!

Now about the Stable Games. We had 138 ponies who competed in 20 events. This is really a great number! In the single disciplines we had 78 ponies at Barrels, 57 ponies at Carting, 88 ponies at Slalom and 65 ponies at Steeple.

The Top 10 at the complete competitions series are:

Eliza Bhalti, Pricilla Slade, Nathalbox Resident, Jim Voir, Ralna Payne, Jak Raleigh, Telra Huntress, Jackk Perse, Sammy Palletier and Lunezy Resident.

The complete results you can see here:

Winner at Barrels: Nathalbox Resident

Winner at Carting: Eliza Bhalti

Winner at Slalom: Eliza Bhalti

Winners at Steeple: Eliza Bhalti and Pricilla Slade

We also had 9 ponies who competed at all 20 events:

Eliza Bhalti, Pricilla Slade, Ralna Payne, Sheesa Resident, Telra Huntress, Daniella Zenoria, Snoogles Resident, Ayesha Askham and Tailmon1 Resident.

Here a list of all competitors:

What else is to say? I think, even if we all were snorting for some lag – and tps in, there were nice and fair games. I heard a lot of rumors about cheating – but honestly, I saw only one person who tried. I also want to tell all of you: When you win a nice cup – and you win it, because you cheated…. – you will look to it later, and you will ALWAYS know “I cheated – I didn’t deserve it”.

Lets always play fair. We all do this for fun. What we win are virtual ribbons, virtual cups. It’s no need to cheat. Better to know for yourself – you did your best – and in the morning you can look in the mirror and you can be proud!

I got also some harsh critic, because of 24-hours-events – because you cannot control the whole time. Yes, that’s right, of course. But 24-hours events are the only chance to have people from all timezones here. Eliza can’t compete at Euro- and US- Cupevents because of her timezone. It would have been a pity to do stable games without her, isn’t it?

I got also critic, because some ponies had the time to try events for 18 hours per day, and others need to work in RL and they have maybe only one hour. Yes, that’s true too, but when you do sports in RL it is the same. You have maybe 2 hours per week time to train, and others train every day 5 – 10 hours. That’s life…. – and I bet, some of these people would prefer to have a good job in RL, or to be healthy…

The next question for me is – if I will ever organize an event series like that. Well, to be honest – I needed for every event 3-4 hours time to prepare, to update the webpage etc. – it was a terrible work. Right now I think I won’t do it again – only if I find people who help me with some things.

I will close this review now – I personally think, we all spent a good time together in the last ten weeks. We all found nice new people and friends in these last weeks – and this is the most important thing.

I would be happy if I get some mails or inworld messages about your thoughts…..

Hugs to all of you!!