Stable Games 2014 – Information



The Stable Games 2014 will be a series of 24-hours events.

My idea is to have 16-20 events in different stables from middle of April until middle of June.

Ponies will get (like it is usually) ribbons for the first places, also the Top 10 ponies will get points in the same syetem like at ponyplaycup (place 1 – 10 points, place 2 – 9 points…). EVERY PARTICIPANT who is not in the Top 10 get 0.5 points.

These points will be added together and the winners will get cups at the end.

So, what does this mean:

I need Stables who are willing to host 1-3 events.

All results should be sent to me and I will set them online here.

The following stables told me, they will support me:

EPG, FFF, FPR, Meiji, K-Bar, PBL, WPG, Wildfire, Stones ‘n Rubber and Hobbled Hoof.

I would like to remind you, we do ponysports to have fun, to spend a good time together and also to compete. Fairplay is absolutely recommended, quickjump and illegal shortcuts will not be tolerated and end up with disqualification.

For all Stable Games 2014, rules will follow those set for PonyplayCup. See for details.

Donations for the Hosts/Stables are welcome!