Ralna’s 300 PonyLeague Events Party

13th of July 2020 @ WPG – Ralna’s 300 PonyLeague Events Party

Dear Ruby, Sweny, Theresa, Desania, Claire, Peacy, Hotie, Nico, Marta and all the others who helped for this Surprise Party. Thank you all very very much. It was a nice surprise – and showed me, how many sweet and wonderful friends I have! THANK YOU!!!!!

I will add some photos from the party, and in the end I will name all the people who came and joined.

Party 1_003

Party 1_004

Party 1_011

Party 1_008

Party 1_002

Party 1_001

Party 1_007

Party 1_010

Party 1_014

Party 1_015

Party 1_016

I hope I didn’t forget anyone………

Thanks to visit the wonderful Party!

Acyia0Flower (Rose)

Alyssa Torrezz


Barbraba1079 (Babs)

Branville (Theresa)

Callme Darwin (Ruby Moon)

Clairedeladeuxieme (Claire)

Constance Zeltman

CS Pfeffer


Dilekiona (Starbright)


Earving1 (Peacy)

Giannia Rossini (Kimba)

Harold Tryce (Diablo – via IM)

Hotie Lane



Katinka Teardrop

Kedorlaomer1966 (Kart)


Lovejoyful (Indy)

Marcel Luv (Kullerauge)

Martashiny (Martuki)

Millieequivalent (Millie)

MissDiana Exonar

Murwolf (Murline)

Nana247 (Nana)

Neceh Zenovka (Persy)

Nico Waxen

Nittas Massiel

Nolddk Boucher (Nold)

Opheliainnme (Lexi)

Peachydoll (Peachy)

Penny Pegasi

Renrakudeus (alias Moon)

Safra Nitely

Sashnimi (Midori)

Shadowfax Bailey

Sophieciaco2 (Sophie)

Stephanswitch (Shanti)

Swenyia Chuwen

Taya Maruti

Vanish Aker