Polo – WPG Christmas Cup 2014

Santa’s Christmas Polo Cup @ WPG

Time: 10am-3pm PDT
Stable: WPG Stables
Host:  Jo Ronin

Having gotten a tad drunk last year, Santa woke up mid-February to find that Donner and Blitzen had eloped and Prancer had lost a limb in some sledging accident.  He therefore spent a lot of the summer months selecting and training up his replacement reindeer.  Then, last week, one of their antlers fell off, unmasking the reindeer for a pony in disguise.

Rudolph was quite accepting, but Dasher was having none of it claiming that it went against tradition to have a none-reindeer pulling the sleigh.  As a demonstration that ponies are as fleet of hoof as a reindeer and also able to shift as heavy load, Santa has decided to show off the abilities of ponies to his reindeer in the Christmas Cup.

Santa will be venturing from Lapland to the warmer climate of Wild Pony Girls Stable at 10am SLT for an afternoon of pre-Christmas polo knock-out tournament.  Games will be played to the SL Polo League rules. The wining team will be presented with Santa’s Christmas Polo Cup prior to socialising, eggnog and making merry.

Those wishing to play should RSVP to Jo Ronin directly (or through Vivianne Taylor or Ralna Payne).

Should anyone wish to provide presents to go under the tree, please contact Jo Ronin or Vivianne Taylor


Teams @ Santa’s Christmas Polo Cup 2014:

WildPonyGirls 2 – Swenyia Chuwen / Simona Varnish

DarkwingAlikat – Erika Dianthus / Katinka Teardrop

KillerBarbiePonies 1 – Iren Wyx / Ralna Payne

KillerBarbiePonies 2 – Telra Huntress / Daniella Zenoria / AshleyK2813 Resident

EPG/PBL – Pricilla Slade / Sheesa Resident

Santas Wild Helpers – VivianneTaylor Resident / Nico Waxen

Stones ‘n Rubber 2 – Nathalbox Resident / Aoife Lawson

Santas Black & Red – Nana247 Resident / Supperrm Resident

Wildfire – Claireity101 Resident / Wetjody Resident

Darkwing Barn – Cathryn McMillan / Mizuki Twilight / Babygirlrachel Resident

No Eyed Deers – Safra Nitely / Ayesha Askham


Short explanation for the tournament:

Santa’s Christmas Cup will be played in Double-elimination system – it means – you can loose one match, and you have still a chance to win the tournament.

Good luck to all teams – and lets have a lot of fun!
Winners Bracket:

1st Round:

Team A vs Team B Result
Santas Wild Helpers Wildfire 3:1
KillerBarbiePonies 2 WildPonyGirls 1:3
KillerBarbiePonies 1 No Eyed Deers 6:0

Bye for 2nd Round: Darkwing Alikat, Stones ‘n Rubber 2, Darkwing Barn, EPG, Santas Red and Black

1/4 Finals:

Team A vs Team B Result
Santas Wild Helpers Darkwing Alikat 1:5
WildPonyGirls Stones ‘n Rubber 2 4:1
KillerBarbiePonies 1 Darkwing Barn 6:1
EPG/PBL Santas Red and Black 6:2


1/2 Finals:

Team A vs Team B Result
Darkwing Alikat WildPonyGirls 5:0
KillerBarbiePonies 1 EPG/PBL 2:1 *

* Sudden Death

Final Winners Bracket:

Team A vs Team B Result
Darkwing Alikat KillerBarbiePonies 2:0


Loosers Bracket:

1st Round:

Team A vs Team B Result
No Eyed Deers Santas Wild Helpers 3:4 *
KillerBarbiePonies 2 Santas Red and Black 2:3
Wildfire Darkwing Barn 5:3

Bye for 2nd Round: Stones ‘n Rubber 2

* Sudden Death

2nd Round:

Team A vs Team B Result
Santas Wild Helpers Stones ‘n Rubber 2 6:2
Santas Red and Black Wildfire 4:1


3rd Round:

Team A vs Team B Result
Santas Wild Helpers WildPonyGirls 3:4 *
Santas Red and Black EPG/PBL 4:5

* Sudden Death

4th Round:

Team A vs Team B Result
WildPonyGirls EPG/PBL 4:3 *

* Sudden Death

Final Loosers Bracket:

Team A vs Team B Result
WildPonyGirls KillerBarbiePonies 2:3


Grand Final:

Team A vs Team B Result
KillerBarbiePonies 1 Darkwing Alikat 0:2



Final Result:

1. Darkwing Alikat

2. KillerBarbiePonies 1

3. WildPonyGirls


5. Santas Wild Helpers

6. Santas Red and Black

7. Stones ‘n Rubber 2, Wildfire

8. Darkwing Barn, KillerBarbiePonies 2, No Eyed Deers