PFS Group Challenge 2019 – Information

Hello Everyone!

The PFS Group Challenge is an exclusive event series for PFS Group Members only – this means:

  • You need to be an active member of the PFS Group – at least Pony Aspirant. The “Fan of PFS”-Tag is NOT enough!
  • Also allowed are active Sunstone Members – the “Guest”-Tag is NOT enough!

Rules are very simple:

1) The event runs minimum 24 hours and will be hosted at PFS or Sunstone.

2) Every participant has only a limited number of runs (maybe 5 or 10 or 15, probably 20 or 25)

3) If a pony tries for more times, the result will appear on the board, but only the first runs will count

4) After 24 hours+ the official final result will be posted the PFS Group.

5) Points will depend on number of participants means for example – when there are 20 participants – first will get 20 points, last will get 1 point.

6) It will be usually every week one 24 hours+ event, usually friday to sunday. I will not add two event in a week, when I am off, so it is possible, events will be missed!

7) Standings will be posted on my webpage

8) Fairplay Rule: Quickjump, Nimble, modified AO’S etc – are forbidden. If someone gets caught using these things she/he will be disqualified.

9) Required equipment: Hooves, Bridle with bit, Tail, armbinder/cuffs or hand hooves, Pony AO.

9a) Trainers, Grooms and event hosts are allowed to take part in standard clothes too, since it is a group challenge for all members from PFS and Sunstone!

10) No drama rule – who causes drama – is OUT!

11) There will be no Ribbons for the single events, but at the end of the year, it will be an awards with Cups!

12) Please don’t forget – we run for virtual ribbons. We are no enemies, we are ponyplayers. It is nice to win a ribbon – but it is more important to have good friends!!!!!

Good luck!

Abelin & Ralna