League 2017 – Information

Hello Everyone!

The Pony League goes in the fourth season!

I would like to remind you, we do ponysports to have fun, to spend a good time together and also to compete. Fairplay is absolutely recommended, quickjump and illegal shortcuts will not be tolerated and end up with disqualification.

Rules are very simple:
1) The event runs minimum 24 hours
2) Every participant has only a limited number of runs (maybe 5 or 10 or 15, probably 20 or 25)
3) If a pony tries for more times, the result will appear on the board, but only the first runs will count
4) I will update the “official interm result” for minimum 1 time in my webpage
5) After 24 hours+ the official final result will be posted at ponyinfo group, my webpage and the sl-ponyplay-site
6) Ribbons
7) For all events, rules will follow those set for PonyplayCup. See http://slponyplay.com/ponyplaycup.php for details
8) Every Pony who participates at an event get an additional point at the end of the season
9) It will be usually every week one 24 hours+ event
10) Standings will be posted on my webpage
11) There will be between 40 and 52 events per year.
12) No. of Barrel, Carting, Slalom and Steeple events will be identical in the end of the year.
13) Quickjump, Nimble, modified AO’S etc – are forbidden. If someone gets caught using these things she/he will be disqualified.
14) Required equipment: Hooves, Bridle with bit, Tail, armbinder/cuffs or hand hooves.
15) No drama rule – who causes drama – is OUT!