CPL Season 5 – Information & Rules

TEASER SEASON 3 – Made by Swenyia:

Classic Polo League – Game Laws


* You can register until 27th of September 2020. Please send the registration to Ralna Payne.

League Start:

* The CPL Season 5 will start on sunday, 4th of October 2020.


* The schedule is created in advance of the entire season. Each date on the calendar will explicitly list the matches on that date, the order of the matches, and the teams playing.
* Results for each game will be published at: http://ralnas-ponypage.darkcabaret.org.uk/cpl-season-5-matches-standing/* In case of problems with the Classic Polo League.is a board of judges. It consists of three people and has to decide with a majority vote. These judges are: Peachydoll Resident, Swenyia Chuwen and Ralna Payne


There will be two groups. Each group has 8 teams. The best 4 (available) teams of the last season will be heads of the Groups (Nightmares from Space, Requiem-former UU,Frozen Bananas from Space, Wild Chicks-former WPG 2)


The Top 4 in the groups will go to the upper playoffs – place 5-8 in lower playoffs. The results from the groups will be taken over in the playoffs.


Halloween Tournament (PFS) – 01.11.2020

Christmas Tournament (WPG) – 20.12.2020

and Midseason Tournament (Jo Gallindo Cup) – 10.01.2021 – Location open


* Each team must field two ponies for each game in which they are scheduled.

* When one of the players is missed at the match, it is allowed to play with one pony. This shouldn’t be the standard only in exceptional cases.

* Teams may also have alternate ponies. Teams do not have to play the same two ponies in every event, or even between different games in the same event. Substitution within a single game is only allowed at the referee’s direction (see below).

* No pony may play for two different teams. Any pony playing for one team in any league game may only play for that one team for the remainder of the season. Different teams from the same stable are still different teams.

* Ponies are not considered committed to a team until they actually take the field for that team in a league game. Stables are not required to commit to playing any particular pony.


* Game rules are based on the August 2012 FFF pony polo rules, with some modifications to accommodate the league format.

* Situations not covered in the rules are decided in the event by the game referee, at their sole discretion. Referees may consult with league officials to obtain advice on unusual or unanticipated situations, but once again, the referee’s sole authority during the game is final.

* The league REQUIRES all observers and participants to respect and obey the referee at all times. Denigrating the referee during play for decisions that don’t go your way is expressly forbidden and will be met with an appropriate league response. Harassment or insulting behavior towards referees is not tolerated by the league.

* Games are 10 minutes in length.

* There is no overtime at divisional games. Elimination tournament games ending in a draw after regular time ends will continue until the first goal is scored (Sudden Death).

* Goals are scored by moving the ball into the colored goal area.

* An official field and ball will be designated before the season and provided to all participating teams. The official field will be used in every game for that season. Making changes to the field or the ball used in league games is forbidden.

* Ponies interact with the ball by running into and bumping it; no other method of influencing the ball is allowed.

* Running is allowed and encouraged.

* Jumping is allowed.

* Flying is not allowed.

* After goals, and before the game begins, the referee signals the start of play, vocally or with a whip command. All ponies should be within the defensive zone marked on the field near their respective goals to prevent “blitzing” the dropped ball for an easy goal.

* The drop of the ball does NOT signal the start of play. Ponies must wait for the command of the referee.

* The decision to stop play is the referee’s, solely. When a pony crashes or gets stuck, the referee has to stop the game. The game will be stopped for 2 min to wait until the crashed player is back, or the team can decide to play with a substitude.

* The team with more goals at the end of the game wins; the other team loses. Teams with equal numbers of goals at the end of time draw.

* In the spirit of ponyplay, ponies must basically look like ponies. Tail, armbinder/handhoofs/cuffs and bit are a minimum requirement. Certain exceptions may be made if you wish to appear as another type of animal (different ears, tail, etc), or use an alternative type of avatar (MLP). Additionally, certain stables may have their own dress-code that must be adhered to for ponies, we would please ask that you abide by their dress code and respect the host’s wishes if it’s brought up to you during an event.

* Using modified hooves or AOs, unusual viewer settings, or other methods for purpose of gaining competitive advantage may result in being disqualified, at the referee’s sole discretion. Ponies or teams thus disqualified may be barred from further participation at the discretion of the league.

* PUBLIC accusations of cheating are expressly forbidden. The league takes cheating very seriously and does not tolerate it, but the league also takes unjustified accusations of cheating very seriously, and doesn’t tolerate those either. Cheating is something that happens very rarely; accusations of cheating are unfortunately far more common.


Each event consists of about ten games, played according to the league schedule. Events usually last between 120 and 150 minutes.

Teams are encouraged to stay for the entire event but are only required to be present for games in which they are directly participating.

The event host provides a place to observe and play the games.
* The official field is available free of charge. Events must use this official field.
* The league will provide one or more referees to run the matches.

Places who host this season: Wild Pony Girls, Ponies from Space, Pegasus, Sunset Stables. 

The Christmas Tournament takes place at WPG, the Jo Gallindo Memorial Cup takes place at Darkwing Barn. It is only one sim, but it will take place there because of historic reasons.

If technical issues (such as a sim crash or grid outage) prevent an event from being held, it shall be rescheduled for a later date, under direction from the league. If an event is interrupted due to technical issues, games already played will be recorded as final, and games that have not yet been played will be rescheduled for a later date. Games in progress that cannot be completed shall be resumed at a make-up event, with their current score, time remaining, and participants.

Ponies and observers are reminded that, SL being what it is, not every technical problem can be anticipated or has an immediate solution. The league will work tirelessly to make sure that technical problems are worked around in an even-handed manner. Please cooperate with, and have patience with, the host, referee, and league officials during events that are interrupted due to technical problems.

Games that require rescheduling may be waived if they have no competitive impact on the standings, and if both participating teams agree to the waiver.


* Wins are worth 3 points.
* Ties are worth 1 point.
* Losses are worth no points.
* Division standings are determined by:
1. Points, as listed above.
2. Goal differential: goals scored minus goals surrendered.
3. Goals scored.
* If one teams leads by a difference of five goals, the game is over (mercy rule)


* The referee is the sole authority for the game. All decisions made by the referee are final.

* The referee’s job is to ensure compliance with all the rules and to govern the game itself.

*Referees found to have shown gross misconduct in their responsibility for fairness may be barred from further official duties by the league.

*The referee may stop play at any time. No on field action which occurs after the referee has signaled for a halt contributes to the final score of the game. Referees may remove goals or add time at their sole discretion to ensure fairness after a stoppage in play.


* The team that forfeits a game gets an automatic loss; their opponent gets an automatic win. For purposes of tiebreakers, games won in this manner will be scored 5 – 0 in favor of the team that showed up.

* Teams found to be arranging forfeits for competitive advantage may be barred from further participation by the league judges.

* If two teams that play each other both fail to field at the scheduled start, they double forfeit: each team is awarded a 0-0 loss.

* Teams may occasionally have ponies that disconnect during play. The referee has to stop the match, to allow the victim time to reconnect or to play with a substitute.

* The referee may stop the game for any reason.
– Games that have been stopped for longer than five minutes for reasons attributed to one team are forfeited in favor of the other team. The time is counted cumulative if the game is stopped repeatedly.
– Games that are stopped due to general technical issues will be continued when the issue is solved or rescheduled as described in the Events section of the rules. This does not cause a forfeit.

* The referee may require a substitution of a pony that is unable to stay connected, otherwise delays the game or shows disrespect to the referee. Teams that refuse to substitute or who cannot provide a substitute also forfeit.

* IMPORTANT: If a team cannot make it to a matchday, and they tell the league leaders 24 hours BEFORE the matchday starts, it is possible to move the matches to the 4th matchday

Fairplay Rule:

* When you see, your playpartner has issues like getting stuck, doesn’t move or is about to crash / crashes, and the referee doesn’t react, please be fair and stop playing.