1 vs 1 Polo Friendly Ladder – Rules

The 1 vs 1 Polo Friendly Ladder – Rules:

Hello Polo-Fans: since many people like to play 1 vs 1 friendly matches, Desania and I decided to start with a friendly match ranking.

For the calculation how you get points etc – read the Information:Β http://ralnas-ponypage.darkcabaret.org.uk/1-vs-1-polo-friendly-ladder-information


Q: Who can play in the Friendly Ladder?

A: Evereyone who likes to play Polo.


Q: Where I can play?

A: It doesn’t matter – when you find a polo field – just play πŸ™‚


Q: What do I need to play?

A: You need to register with the PPR Player HUD – you can get it from Desania or Ralna – also from every active player since it is transferable.


Q: Which field can we choose for the 1 vs 1 matches?

A: It doesn’t matter. You can play on the classic field, on the new flat field or at the sloped field.


Q: Which settings we need to choose to play?

A: Matchtime is 10 min. – without mercy, without sudden death, so a draw is possible too.


Q: How often I can play against the same person?

A: You can play as often as you want against the same person.


Q: Where I can see the matches and the ranking?

A: Matches:Β http://ralnas-ponypage.darkcabaret.org.uk/1-vs-1-polo-friendly-ladder-matches/Ranking:Β http://ralnas-ponypage.darkcabaret.org.uk/1-vs-1-polo-friendly-ladder-ranking/


Q: I played two matches – what I have to do now?

A: You send the results to Ralna Payne or Desania Resident. We will update the webpage every day. PLEASE make sure we are online when you send the results – or use a notecard if not!


IMPORTANT: PLEASE send the results in this form (the matchtime is important):

Date (YYYY-MM-DD)Β  –Β  SLTime match endedΒ  –Β  Name Player 1Β  –Β  vsΒ  –Β  Name Player 2 – Result

Example:Β 2020/11/27 – 10:00 AM – Desania – vs – Ralna – 1:4


If you find a bug, or you have ideasΒ how to do things better please let us know!


Good luck with the matches!


Desania & Ralna